Lighthouse Galleries makes the joy and beauty of art available and affordable for every home and office.

Our collection includes the works of such famed artists as Thomas Kinkade and rising stars such as Robert Finale and Mark Keathley as well as true, highly affordable finds of talented artists yet to be discovered. Styles range from realistic to the romantic and all infused with a luminous warm imparted by each artist.

All offer exceptional investment opportunities– Lighthouse original paintings, limited edition paintings, lithographs and more–that provide the art novice and the experienced collector with the rare ability to bring beauty into your life and to make a timeless investment guided by Lighthouse Galleries informed and friendly staff.

LightHouse makes the purchase and collection of art easy and accessible for everyone, with every taste and budget. We offer:

*A wonderful selection of attractively priced Original and limited edition artwork.

* No money down financing options.

* Art consultants who respect you and are happy to guide your selection regardless of your budget.

* The opportunity to discover unknown artists whose works will likely rise in value over the years.

* A wide range of frames to match your personal style and decor.

* Assistance in selecting art works that are ideal for unique and treasured gifts.

LightHouse Galleries: Affordable Art To Light Up Your Life