About the Artist

Mark-KeathleyMark Keathley (born 1963) grew up on the family farm in East Texas and loved romping through the woods and across open fields. He spent most of his spare time outside chasing lizards, and trying to catch that illusive grand-daddy large mouth bass. It was here, in this environment, where he first spied his mother’s oil painting box in the attic of his country home. He had drawn pictures voraciously since age five, but the paints offered a new challenge that he thought he was up for at age eleven. After a very disappointing start, he didn’t give up, and continued trying, often painting well into the night as a teen. He later attended a small one man show put on for a friend in his college art class and saw, for the first time, someone selling artwork.

“I want my paintings to inspire people to be still, to listen to that quiet voice, and then rise up assured that they are a part of something bigger than their schedule.” Mark’s paintings do just that.  He is able to capture that perfect moment that you might experience on a hike through the mountains when a majestic elk might come out for an unforgettable experience; or even immortalize on canvas a moment in time when the light, the water, and the gentle involvement of a man and his horse all come together in a masterful composition.  Mark uses his gifts blending bold strokes, amazing color, soul stirring light, and even some fine detail to bring your focus to the “point” of the painting — allowing you to experience the emotion of the moment.  This is where he wants you to stay – not admiring his ability, but rather inspired to live.

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Works of Art

  • A Perfect Day

  • Evening Glories

  • Fly By

  • Highland Song

  • Home For Christmas

  • Lake Solitude

  • Moonlit Cove

  • Morning Glories

  • Night Mares

  • Peaceful Times

  • Rock Mountain Majesty

  • Slippery When Wet

  • Spring Will Come

  • The Legacy

  • The Old Mill

  • Tower of Strength

  • Valley of Shadows

  • Winter Retreat

  • Awakening

  • Dance of Grace