Sacred Heart of Paris


Sacred Heart of Paris
Montmartre is among my favorite places in Paris. It towers a mile above the city. It offers an unparalleled view of the Eiffel Tower that leaves you breathless.
            A winding cobblestone street lies nestled between the two famous restaurant cafes Le Consulat and Le Bonne Franquette. Follow this road, you will find yourself in the sacred heart of Paris, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. I envision in these sacred halls, struck in wonder at the magnificence before me.
            Montmartre is not solely a gorgeous jewel atop a crown that is Paris; it is also home to the local artist populace, where hundreds of artists come to set up their easels adorned with colorful umbrellas and artwork of all styles and complexity.
            Boasting some of the most awe-striking art, mouthwatering bistros, and unparalleled views of Paris; Montmartre is a priceless gem without equal, which one must visit on any expedition in this magical city.

“Sacred Heart of Paris” comes in four sizes:
32” X 48” 5 E/E – Master Proof is available
28” x 42” 5 E/E – Master Proof is available
24” x 36” 10 A/P & 20 S/N– Master Proof is available
18” x 27” 10 A/P & 20 S/N– Master Proof is available
For orders placed by February 14th of “Sacred Heart of Paris” will receive an original hand sketch Remarque of a Rose for Valentine on the back of the canvas


Please call the gallery to ensure the item you want is in stock before placing an order. We will do our best to get it to you by Christmas. The number is 215-794-3447. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.

Blend Cota Event

Blend Cota is the Creative Director of the Thomas Kinkade Studios and was the lead artist on both Beauty and the Beast Dancing in the Moonlight and Cinderella Dancing in the Starlight. Recently he completed The Little Mermaid Falling in Love! Join us in celebrating the release of his collection of colorful works on December 2nd and 3rd.


Mark Keathley Sketching Event Postponed

Mark Keathley had a family emergency and must postpone our event until spring. We will announce the new date as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding.
Join us in the Spring!
Purchase any Mark Keathley Original or Limited Edition from Lighthouse Gallery and Mark Keathley will do a personalized sketch for you at the event.
Call us at 215-794-3447 ASAP to let us know what pieces you would like Robert to bring to this unique event and to schedule to get a Original Sketch.

Special Triple Release Featuring Mickey and Minnie

In the brand new Passport to Adventure series by Thomas Kinkade Studios, Mickey and Minnie, along with some of their closest friends, explore famous travel destinations around the world starting off with trips to Hawaii and Hollywood!


Mickey and Minnie in Hawaii
Beneath the rainbow covered mountains, one of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches has become the party place for Disney’s most well-known cast of characters. As Minnie dances along to Mickey’s ukulele serenade, even the sea creatures draw near to listen.

Mickey and Minnie in Hollywood
The beautiful California sunset and stunning palm trees frame the setting for a one of a kind Disney celebration. Lights and cameras flash as onlookers gather to try to get a photograph of the famous pair.

Minnie Mouse has become a fashionista and celebrated character in the Disney family. In this new series, see Minnie Mouse around the town dressed in her iconic “Rocks the Dots” attire.

Minnie Rocks the Dots On Rodeo Drive
Thomas Kinkade Studios has illustrated Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive perfectly, paying incredible attention to the details, from the brick-fan patterned streets and building architecture to the ornate lamp posts and flower arrangements.

Grand Illumination with Robert Finale

Join us on November 17th & 18th
Purchase any Robert Finale Original or Limited Edition from Lighthouse Gallery and Robert Finale will do a personalized sketch for you at the event. But I am sure you already knew that if you are familiar with our gallery and Robert Finale.  Robert wanted to offer something different for this event so he is going to bring Limited Edition Canvas works that have not been numbered or embellished with oil. This will give you the opportunity to select whether you would like a Artist Proof or a Standard Numbered piece. After you choose the edition type, Robert will add the oil paint to your piece while you watch.
Call us at 215-794-3447 ASAP to let us know what pieces you would like Robert to bring to this unique event and to schedule to get a Original Sketch.

Robert Finale Introduces New Metal Edition

Robert Finale Editions
Proudly introduces an exciting new release!
A New Cutting Edge Art Medium Sublimation on Metal
A new 21st Century vibrant illumination, with incredible detail and depth.  Special art only cutting edge print creation on metal can provide. This Sublimation on Metal is ready to take on the new age art world, providing what buyers are looking for, art for the home, art for corporate clients, a gift for that special occasion and more.
The first release in this exciting new Sublimation on Metal Collection is “Rainy Days of London”.  Images in this unique art series have been designed & perfected by Robert Finale and Robert Finale Editions for Sublimation on Metal only. You will not see images released in this collection on canvas. We will keep our canvas releases separate for our collectors who want the exclusivity of the canvas collection they have come to love.
The recent terrorism faced by the city of was motivation for Robert to paint the original painting.
“Rainy Days of London”

Click the image of your choice to purchase.

“Rainy Days of London” will come in two formats: Colored or Black & White with a splash of color (notice the Double Decker Bus and the Flag).
The size for both is 14” x 11” with an edition of 300 each. All will come with a certificate of authenticity on the back side. Both formats capture the artist’s signature and are hand numbered by the artist. Each piece of art comes ready to mount on the wall, put in a special place, or displayed on a small easel on a side table or tabletop.

Please see the link below to learn about the process, and the stunning result of sublimation on Metal!

NEW 14X14 & 8X10 Gallery Wrapped Canavas!

Click each one to get a better look!

Four New DC Comics Limited Editions!

Thomas Kinkade Studios is pleased to present four new pieces in the Super Hero Fine Art collection. These works of art capture the essence of iconic DC heroes and their arch enemies. But these eye popping narratives dive much deeper into their stories. Hidden within the brushstrokes, the artists have embedded tributes to important characters, times, and places in the DC Comics world.
Click each image below to learn more!

Disney Collector Art Event

Click the link below to purchase 101 Dalmatians while you can!
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Free Admission to Artexpo 2017 NYC
Art Brand Studios is going to be at Artexpo New York and we want you and your collectors there! Simply click here and download your free tickets.

Vatican Sunset

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Master Highlighting Event!

Order Ageless Beauty with sketch by Robert Finale

Order “Venice, Ageless Beauty” by February 14th and receive an original hand sketch Remarque of the Gondola on the back of the canvas.
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Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Cafe

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Check it out!


Introducing The Nativity from the Thomas Kinkade Studios

The real meaning of Christmas is the birth of the Savior.  During this blessed season, Thomas Kinkade Studios presents The Nativity – a timeless image telling the story of Christ’s birth. This painting will be a breakthrough image that is sure to be at the center of Christmas celebrations for centuries to come.

The Nativity is not a part of a series, but rather a stand-alone piece, and rightfully so. The painting is as unique as the child Himself.

The Nativity is the first painting that Thomas Kinkade Studios has created of the Christ child.

The all-familiar characters of shepherds, wise men, and barn animals, as well as Mary and Joseph, grace the foreground of the landscape, but buried deeper in the details, other symbols of faith begin to emerge.

A small lamp shedding light upon the common jars and trunk jogs the memory of the later words of Jesus, “Your eyes are the lamp of the body…”

The sorrowful night sky, filled with clouds nearly stamps out all light, but the presence of the Saviors bright shining star, beckons us all with the ancient words of the prophet Isaiah, “Those living in darkness have seen a great light.”

As the child in the manger radiates a peaceful glow, light splashes upon the hardened mud walls, pushes against the solemn Judean night sky and pierces through the windows, we see what was once heard, “I am the light unto the world.”

A small edition for Peter Pan’s Never Land

Check out The Thomas Kinkade Studio’s latest release, “Peter Pan’s Never Land”. This release is a companion to Thomas Kinkade’s beautiful masterpiece “Tinker Bell and Peter Pan Fly to Never Land”. The edition is just a fraction of the size of what was released in the original Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, so be sure to call and order yours today before they’re gone! 215-794-3447

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Thomas Kinkade paints a tribute to “Gone With The Wind”

  ” Romeo and Juliet. Anthony and Cleopatra. History is filled with couples bound together forever in the social mind because of their undeniable and storied relationships. As it was with these others…so it is with Rhett and Scarlett. Indeed, to me, there has been no greater romance ever chronicled than that of the dashing hero and strong-willed heroine of GONE WITH THE WIND™. Perhaps it is the tragic backdrop of the Civil War that serves to enhance the emotional impact of this storied love affair. The ultimate triumph of the human spirit, so well displayed in the film’s masterful conclusion kindles the romantic within me…as it can within you.

In my painting, Gone With The Wind, I wanted to capture this central romance but also give a small taste of the gentile old south. Fragrant flowers and lush rolling hills surround Tara, the homestead of the O’Hara family, and serve as quiet sentinels to this way of life. My painting is populated with favorite film characters and rendered in small cinematic vignettes designed to capture all of the drama and nostalgia of this Hollywood spectacular. I truly hope this painting delights all fans of GONE WITH THE WIND. Beyond this, I pray it reminds us all that true love does exist. ”

Introducing “Summer’s Heritage” with a Free Gift

Thomas Kinkade’s latest vision of America’s heartland, “Summer’s Heritage”, is the perfect reminder of what we celebrating
every Fourth of July. No other artist is able to capture the charm and heart of our great nation quite like Thomas Kinkade.
To help celebrate Thom’s latest release we are offering a website exclusive free gift with purchase. Through the month of July we will include a Canvas Miniature of Thom’s classic “End of a Perfect Day II” as a free gift while supplies last.

“America’s heritage and character was forged on storied ranches and farmhouses
that dot the plains and foothills of our magnificent country. Everyday, the
ranching and farming families … nature’s caretakers … vest strength and
energy caring for creation while in turn harvesting its bountiful rewards.
As I thought of memorializing the impact of the family farms and ranches across
our country, I imagined a grandfather starting his old reliable tractor early in
the morning surrounded by a cohort of animals oblivious to his chores and
duties. And what a great adventure for any youngster anxious to explore and
leave a mark on granddad’s farm … the tractor, the barn, the animals, trees
and pond … could there be a better heritage afforded by summer … could there
be a better forge for character … not likely!”

A Century of Racing!

Celebrate the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 with “A Century of Racing!”.



Bob Pejman
Cao Yong
Jennifer Vranes
Mark Keathley
Robert Finale
Rod Chase
Thomas Kinkade
Thomas Kinkade: Brushworks
Thomas Kinkade: Night Lights






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Your unconditional satisfaction does not end once you have left the gallery… That is why we stand behind every purchase with our RISK-FREE GUARANTEE:  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, we will take it back.  No questions asked.  It’s that simple.

Do you offer financing?

We understand that adding a piece of art to your home is an investment in taste and collectability.  For your convenience, we offer both layaway and “no interest” financing on all purchases of $500 or more.

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LightHouse Galleries offers one of the largest selections of Thomas Kinkade art in the world.  We specialize in the rare, hard to find, images that other galleries don’t have.

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Absolutely not.  Our events are free of charge and anyone can participate.

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LightHouse Galleries offer a lifetime exchange policy on all our frames.  If the original frame you purchased from us has not been damaged, you may exchange it at anytime for another frame of equal or lesser value, free of charge.

What is a Master Highlighting Event?

At this event, we have one of Thomas Kinkade’s Master […]

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1) Unique Selection

LightHouse Galleries offers one of the largest selections of Thomas Kinkade art in the world.  We specialize in the rare, hard to find, images that other galleries don’t have.

2) Thomas Kinkade Events

Periodically we host Thomas Kinkade events, free to the public.  We invite everyone who has purchased a limited edition canvas from us to attend and partake in the free highlighting and other painting enhancements preformed by Thomas Kinkade’s artisans, increasing beauty and value of a piece.

3) Free Signing and Sketching

In the art world, any extra detail from the artist or unique quality increases a piece’s value.  At LightHouse Galleries we have many Thomas Kinkade canvases with hand sketches or additional signatures on the back by the artist.  Unlike other galleries, we never charge for these value-enhancing features.  When available, they are our gift to you.

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We understand that adding a piece of art to your home is an investment in taste and collectability.  For your convenience we offer both layaway and “no interest” financing on all purchases of $500 or more.


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Your unconditional satisfaction does not end once you have left the gallery… That is why we stand behind every purchase with our RISK-FREE GUARANTEE:  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, we will take it back.  No questions asked.  It’s just that simple.

LightHouse Galleries makes the joy and beauty of art available and affordable for every home and office.

Our collection includes the works of such famed artists as Thomas Kinkade and rising stars such as Robert Finale and Bob Pejman as well as true, highly affordable finds of talented artists yet to be discovered. Styles range from realistic to the abstract and the avant-garde.

All offer exceptional investment opportunities– LightHouse limited edition paintings, lithographs and more–that provide the art novice and the experienced collector with the rare ability to bring beauty into your life and to make a timeless investment guided by LightHouse Galleries informed and friendly staff.

LightHouse makes the purchase and collection of art easy and accessible for everyone, with every taste and budget. We offer:

*A wonderful selection of attractively priced limited edition artwork.

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* The opportunity to discover unknown artists whose works will likely rise in value over the years.

* A wide range of frames to match your personal style and decor.

* Assistance in selecting art works that are ideal for unique and treasured gifts.

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