In the brand new Passport to Adventure series by Thomas Kinkade Studios, Mickey and Minnie, along with some of their closest friends, explore famous travel destinations around the world starting off with trips to Hawaii and Hollywood!


Mickey and Minnie in Hawaii

Beneath the rainbow covered mountains, one of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches has become the party place for Disney’s most well-known cast of characters. As Minnie dances along to Mickey’s ukulele serenade, even the sea creatures draw near to listen.


Mickey and Minnie in Hollywood

The beautiful California sunset and stunning palm trees frame the setting for a one of a kind Disney celebration. Lights and cameras flash as onlookers gather to try to get a photograph of the famous pair.

Minnie Mouse has become a fashionista and celebrated character in the Disney family. In this new series, see Minnie Mouse around the town dressed in her iconic “Rocks the Dots” attire.


Minnie Rocks the Dots On Rodeo Drive

Thomas Kinkade Studios has illustrated Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive perfectly, paying incredible attention to the details, from the brick-fan patterned streets and building architecture to the ornate lamp posts and flower arrangements.